The Beginning of the Story

Almost 50 years ago, John’s grandfather was working in his field, and began praying to an unknown God.  His entire village had been devastated by a cholera outbreak that killed thousands, including his older brother. John’s grandfather developed the same symptoms and knew that he, too, would likely die. However, he did not believe in the Hindu idols but knew there was a God who could save him. He prayed to that God for healing. His prayers were miraculously heard, and he was healed.  Praising this unknown God, he wanted to know Who had healed him but did not know where to find Him.

Three months later, American missionaries arrived at this same remote village, enduring treacherous, mountain terrain to do so. They shared the Good News of Jesus Christ, and at that moment, John’s grandfather knew this was the God that answered his prayer and healed him from cholera.

Now It’s John’s Story

Five decades ago, God chose John’s grandfather from this remote mountain village in western India to teach his family and many others about the One, True Living God. John’s last name means “lamp on the mountain.” God is now using his family to be His light in this part of the world.

For the last three generations, God has used Life Light to minister to 60 million people in western India. There are thousands of people who know in their hearts that there is a true God – you can help us share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our Story is Your Story

We are passionate about reaching these people for Jesus and invite you to walk alongside us. We need prayer partners, volunteers, and others to give. Our children’s home frequently gains new children for us to care for and love. These children come to us with just the clothes on their backs, and we give them a safe, loving environment where they can grow up and learn about Christ.  Our local pastors do not have the privilege of formal ministry training and so often are alone in their community. Single women are preyed upon by sex traffickers who only want to use them for profit.