Building Expansion Needs


New Beginnings International School

Over the last five years, the city has seen an increase in demand for high quality elementary and secondary schools. Although the quality of education has improved, there is still a huge opportunity for innovation. With limited options from which parents can choose, there is a significant need for a K-12 school that offers a high quality education at an affordable price.

The New Beginnings International School will be an innovative English school offering quality education to children in India. With 300 students already enrolled, but attending classes in the old facility (St. John’s English School), they are anxiously awaiting completion of the New Beginnings International School that will provide ample space and more comprehensive educational amenities.

This revenue-generating school has the potential to make the New Beginnings Children’s Home completely self-supported. This is an ambitious project that will help Life Light to become a sustainable organization in the future. During this turbulent political time, Life Light wants to ensure its continued presence in India. The Church of Christ Ministries Trust is a tax-exempt minority organization, soliciting $768,164 in funding/donations to help establish the proposed infrastructure for the New Beginnings International School and to support its initial operations. The school has over two acres of land on which to build. The shared Business Plan  primarily focuses on the feasibility of setting up the K-12 institution keeping the current scenario and future growth perspective of our city in mind. The school will be approximately 18,000 ft.2 Each square foot costs around $35-$40. If you are interested in “purchasing” some square feet for this project or for more information regarding our business and sustainability plan for this project, please contact us at


Life Touch Boys’ Home

We are still in need of a boys’ home and already have the land, a sanctioned building plan, contractors hired, and marking complete. We are still in urgent need of funds to get this project underway! This home will have 100 beds that will house all of our boys from New Beginnings Children’s Home and will allow us to take in boys who have “aged out” of NBCH. Because it is illegal for boys and girls of a certain age to live in the same home, we have had to graduate many of the boys from the home earlier than we would have liked. Having teenage boys and girls living in the same home also created many issues that we would like to avoid. By having separate boy and girl homes, these things will no longer be problems. This home will be a total of 12,000 ft2 when completed. The cost for each square foot will be approximately $35-$40. If you are interested in “purchasing” a square foot or if you would like more information, please contact us at