1. Sponsors for Children

sponsor and sponsor child

We have many children, boys and girls, in our program who are still in need of sponsors to provide physical and spiritual needs. You can sponsor a child for only $35/month.

  1. Urgent Needs

Life Light is always searching for people who would like to make monthly gifts of $200, $300, or $500 to help improve the quality of care at the children’s home and to take the gospel to the unreached.

  1. Van for Children’s Home

This SUV is needed to replace our current one, as it has over 200,000 miles and is sixteen years old. This SUV is important, as it shuttles children to various places, takes staff into more remote villages, and takes people to conferences. We already have $5,000 in the fund, but need about $15,000 more.

  1. Sponsorship for Native Missionaries

By sponsoring a native missionary, you are allowing them to work full-time to spread the gospel to those who have not heard it. The cost of sponsorship is $120-$200/month.

three children with letters from their sponsors

  1. Sponsorship for Children’s Home Staff

This hard-working group of people makes sure that our children are loved, cared and provided for, and taught about the love of Jesus! The cost of sponsorship is $300-$500/month.

  1. Computers or Laptops for Office Staff

Our office staff need computers to complete their work efficiently and remain organized. The cost of each computer is roughly $600.

  1. Conference Room TV Screen

This screen is needed so that our staff in India can communicate with sponsors and board members as needed. The cost for this screen will be $750.

  1. Life Touch Boys’ Home Building Project 

We have developed plans for a separate boys’ home, but we need more funds before we can begin construction. The home will be approximately 12,000 ft.Each square foot costs around $35-$40. If you are interested in “purchasing” some square feet for this project, please contact us.

  1. New Beginnings International School 

We have a detailed plan ready to start construction on our New Beginnings International School, but we need more funds before we can begin construction. The school will be approximately 18,000 ft.2 Each square foot costs around $35-$40.


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