Audio Gospel


family with audio bibleAround 260 million people in India cannot read and write (not including the blind population). The Life Light pastors use the audio gospel which works as an effective tool because they can explain the Word and then leave the audio gospel with the people.

The audio gospel does not need electricity, but charges automatically, and is both portable and durable. It is being translated into simple, local languages and dialects. New believers or groups of believers can use the audio gospel to share, discuss, listen and play.

Many people take the audio gospel to their work place (farms, cattle ranches, etc). Women’s groups and elderly women who have never had a chance to study the Bible because of their inability to read and write are now able to do so because of the audio gospel. Even stay-at-home moms have been able to use this device!

Life Light continues to utilize this effective evangelism tool among the people of India and we look forward to seeing how the Lord can further use this in the lives of His people.


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