Business as Mission

business meetingTwo concurrent trends have emerged in the last twenty years that offer great hope for India. The country has made increasing strides in pushing into global trade, allowing many of its people to rise from abject poverty and into a growing middle class. At the same time, theologians around the world have been discussing the marketplace as an intended institution in God’s original creation. Marketplace ministries, representing more than a dozen models of effective evangelistic workplace strategies, are coming forth in exponential growth.

In August of 2014, Life Light Ministries convened the first ever gathering of Christian marketplace leaders in the city. More than 40 Christian business owners and executives came together for a one-day seminar focused on marketplace theology and some of the basic marketplace ministry models.

men in a business as a mission lectureSince that meeting, a group of 35 of these leaders have continued to meet on an ongoing basis to further explore God’s intentions for business and the opportunities for ministry in their vocational lives.

We now have five locations where this Christian Business Men’s group meets on a regular basis. The objective of these meetings is to further educate on business as missions as well as to encourage young entrepreneurs to start revenue-generating businesses to support the Lord’s work.