Bible Correspondence Course


Bible Correspondence Course, GBS – This course is based upon twelve Bible lessons on the life and ministry of Jesus.

This course is designed for those who cannot take off from their jobs, school, or family responsibilities; but, who are very much interested in knowing more about Jesus. This is a must-have course for new converts, and for churches that are interested in seeking discipleship in their churches.

Bible Correspondence Course2This is a very inexpensive course; and, as a ministry, we pay for the postal expense to reach the villages. Small Bible study-groups and family groups use these lessons to mentor others. This particular program is very popular among those who love studying the Bible and answering questions in an interactive way.

This is a great way to reach people who live far away from the city. We have also found that it helps to minister to people who cannot come out openly and go to church because of family pressure.

We have seen many people come to Christ and be baptized through this course. This course has helped add mature Christians to Indian churches. So far, we have had more than two thousand people graduate from this course; and they have grown in their faith and now provide leadership to their churches.

This course is one of the safe, effective ways of reaching non-Christians and empowering Christians.