Christian News Magazine

Christian News Magazine for Pastors around the state

Life Light began a monthly magazine for the indigenous pastors in India. Many of these pastors are considered “forgotten,” because they live in the more rural parts of India without any kind of prayers or encouragement. They are in great need of opportunities for continued theological education to ensure that they remain biblically sound in their teaching. They are also in need of support, partnership, and prayers to be able to grow, especially during the persecution they face. They don’t have contact with the global church, so it is our desire to stay in touch with them on a regular basis and educate them on various ministry-related topics.

This magazine reaches 2,000 pastors and lay leaders and is filled with knowledge and resources that these pastors can use to empower them in their work. The articles detail topics like leadership, current affairs, Christian living, reviews of Christian books, connections between various ministries, and other Christians around the world. These pastors have access to very few resources as they seek to bring the hope of Christ to their communities, so this magazine is an extremely helpful tool for them and they anxiously await it each month as it keeps them posted about what is happening around the world. Our experienced pastors also use the magazine as a way to share their testimonies and mentor new pastors. This is helping to bring together like-minded people who are devoted to serving the Lord; through this sense of community, the pastors no longer feel lonely, but now have a way to share their concerns and questions and stay connected. We still need funds for this ministry so that we can continue to send out the magazine monthly.


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