What People are saying …



“I love that you all provide schooling for the orphans such that when they “age out” or at the point where they are on their own, they are properly equipped to go out and do great things for the Lord, as well as have the skills to get a job. I like that Life Light isn’t just worried about spiritual things, but that they understand the body too needs to be cared for and fed.

“Our involvement with Life Light India has increased our faith in God. There have been times when we’ve wanted to pull our sponsorship, out of feelings of fear for financial stability, but we know that God loves a cheerful giver and will provide for our needs just as he does for the sparrows. We cannot live in fear, but must live with a heart of generosity with what God has given us.”


“I like that Life Light India missions is heavily involved in the community, they really do tend to the poor and needy. They help sponsor kids/get kids sponsored for school and home care. I also like their overwhelming generosity, capacity to love, and their ability to make everyone feel welcomed. Interacting with the kids, learning India’s culture — seeing and doing it all firsthand, was extremely valuable for me.”


“One thing I like most about the ministry is the focus on children in the poorest parts of society. Before our trip, I read heartbreaking stories from a book provided by Life Light, that detailed unimaginable experiences these children have endured at such a young age. When we arrived at the children’s home, our team met many of the girls from the book. I believe they are the ones who need Christ the most, to be shown that there is love in this world.

“Life Light Ministries not only gives these children a safe place to live, but also provides food and an education that they would not normally receive — especially for the young girls. Education is key in preparing them for a better future. One thing that I remember most: while talking with the children, so many said they wanted to grow up to be a police officer so they could prevent “bad things” from happening to others. Even in the midst of such hardship, they showed how much compassion they have for others.” 


“I love that if I have a question, John or Ruda will personally answer it for me. I love that they are helping and supporting national missionaries, working with lepers, and giving sewing machines to meet the needs of women. I receive so much joy, knowing that I am able to make a small difference in the lives of people so far away from my neighborhood.”