Short-Term Missions

children in india greeting american womanLife Light has numerous opportunities throughout the year for short-term mission trips where you will have the chance to work closely with our staff and volunteers in India! Here, you will be able to partner with Life Light to meet the physical and spiritual needs of many unreached people. At Life Light, we believe in short-term missions for long-term impact. Our philosophy is based on books such as When Helping Hurts and Toxic Charity, which both outline some ways to help poor communities without negatively impacting them. In essence, we want to give the poor a hand up and not a hand-out. We know that our resources will one day run out and we don’t want the people we serve to being so dependent upon our aid that we are hurting them in the long run by only giving them hand-outs. By giving them a hand up in society and helping them to use their God-given abilities to one day take care of themselves, they will eventually see how precious and valuable they are as creations of God.

american short-term volunteer feeding monkey in indiaOur typical trip consists of seven ministry days and three sight-seeing days. The first seven days of the trip consist of things like working with lepers and orphans, training indigenous pastors, spending time with the children at our school, teaching English and computer skills, performing maintenance work, and being involved in medical missions and business as mission. The last three days of the trip are where you will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of Indian culture and religion. We will be traveling to Delhi, Agraha, and Jaipur where we will visit the Taj Mahal, Jama Mosque, Akshardham Temple, Ajanta and Ellora (Buddhist and Jain caves), and various forts in order to better understand the Indian worldview.

There are also upcoming opportunities to travel to India to participate in or help teach our three-day pastor seminars or women’s empowerment seminars.

The durations of our short-term mission trips are flexible and can be catered to your individual or group’s desires. These trips can last anywhere from one week to months or more. Want to work with the orphans, but only want to stay for five days? We can arrange that! You tell us your schedule and your interests and we will plan your visit to fit your needs and use your talents.

All groups/individuals who plan to go on one of these trips will be provided a handbook to adequately prepare them before they leave. For more information, please contact us.